HyBTP-1-275 Bolt Tensioner Pump

Our cost-effective bolt tensioner pumps are robust, compact and lightweight, as well as featuring easy to use controls.

The Hydratron bolt tensioner pump provides high pressure to hydraulic tensioner tools for the simultaneous tightening of multiple bolts; the tools are connected in sequence via a high-pressure hose assembly to the tensioner pump. This ensures no leakage occurs at flanged pipe joints during operating conditions.

HyBTP-1-275 Key Features

  • Hydratron air operated hydrostatic test pump
  • Air line relief valve to protect tensioning tool from over pressurisation
  • Dual outlet connections to ensure equal load across tensioning tools
  • 6″ pressure gauge
  • Pressure release valve
  • All low and high pressure pipework in stainless steel
  • CE conformity


BTU Performance Table
Feature Icon - High Pressure

Upto 2000 Bar Performance

Feature Icon - Frames

Stainless Steel Roll Bar Frame

Feature Icon - Ports

Dual Outlet Connectors

Feature Icon - Chemical Applications

High Flow for Subsea Tensioning

Feature Icon - Easy Maintenance

Easily Maintained

Multiple Pressures Available

Configurable for Various Pressures

Bolt Tensioner Pump Specifications

  • Pump start/stop valve
  • Stainless steel tubing
  • AZ-1-275 hydraulic pump
  • Dual outlet 1/4″ QRC nipples
  • Pressure release valve
  • 6″ pressure gauge
  • 7.5 litre plastic tank
  • Stainless steel roll bar frame
  • Air filter/regulator
  • Air lubricator


  • High flow subsea tensioning
  • 2000bar performance
  • ATEX compliance
  • Customer designs built to meet specific customer needs