Hydratron Hose Test Rigs range

provides customers with the opportunity to have either pre-engineered or custom designed capability.

Incorporating Hydratron’s range of High-Pressure Liquid Pumps and Gas Boosters, we have developed our Hose test Rig technology over many years to allow customers to Proof Test, Cycle Test and Burst Test hoses of any size from small automotive hoses to Umbilicals many kilometers long.

Above you will find images of some Hose Test Rigs we have supplied in recent years. Please contact us with details of your unique Hose Test requirements and we will be happy to engineer a proposal to suit your requirements.


Hydratron Hose Test Rigs offer many desirable features:

  • Liquid, Gas or combined testing systems available.
  • Test Pressure capability to 70,000psi (4,828 Bar) and above.
  • Pre-engineered designs available for common test applications.
  • Fully customised engineering capability offered for unique applications.
  • Choice of fully enclosed, safety-interlocked cabinets or open platform design.
  • Single or Multi-Station capacity to suit any production or service orientated based business.
  • Manual Control or fully integrated PC/PLC Control and Data Acquisition configurations are available.
  • Stationary or Mobile versions available.
  • Containerised versions can be supplied to suit offshore temporary demands.
  • Proven reliability, easy to maintain and robust.
Feature Icon - Frames

Versions for offshore & onshore

Icon - Controls

Manual or PC/PLC Control

Feature Icon - Easy Maintenance

Easily Maintained

Liquid Pump AZ-1 water, oil, chemical pump

Highly durable and reliable
The Hydratron air-driven hydrostatic test pump and/or gas booster that provides the pressure for hose testing. These units have proven reliability and service life.

Safety dump valve to release high pressures in the hose test rig

User safety
Hydratron Hose test rigs incorporate a safety interlocked door which will not allow pressure to be generated if the door is open. It will safely dump all pressure should the door unlock/open during test.