Hydratron Control Valve Test Systems

development is the result of many years of experience and customer feedback. Over the years, we have evolved designs for comprehensively testing Control Valves.

Covering a wide range of valve sizes and types, the highly engineered systems support the needs of both valve manufacturing businesses and service/repair workshops. Moreover, they can be supplied with hydraulic or manual clamping mechanisms to suit any flange design as well as with adapters for threaded or other connections.

Our Control Valve Test Rigs are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations with the option of 90° rotation. In addition, Control Valve Test Rigs can also be supplied with varying levels of automation and data acquisition, including touchscreen operation and wireless connectivity. Hydratron Valve Test equipment can be containerised for portability, too.

Hydratron has a wealth of experience and disciplines including hydraulic, pneumatic & plc / pc engineering to provide our customers with high quality, complex & reliable systems.


  • Designed to test Butterfly, Gate, Ball and Control valves
  • Manual or Hydraulic Clamping
  • Stainless steel mimic panel for ease of control
  • Shell test, Seat test
  • Seat leakage measurement to API 527
  • Hydraulic clamping ensures a positive seal on the valve flanges
  • Clamp pressure interlocked with the pressure circuit for safety
  • Suitable for fluid & Gas testing
  • Drip trays for Fluid testing provided
  • Clamps / table & mating Flanges are corrosion resistant protected
  • Ability to test valves up to and including 24” (610mm)
  • Up to 500 Ton hydraulic clamp capability
  • Adjustable large Valve supports
  • Wide range of Test adaptors available
  • Proven reliability, easy to maintain and robust



  • Full data logging systems can be provided
  • Automated Test Control
  • 90° rotating test Benches
  • Air under water test units available
  • Vacuum testing available
  • Electronic Seat leakage measurement  to API 527
  • Fully interlocked test compartments available
  • Containerised versions available for both onshore & offshore
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Automated Test Control

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