Why rent from Enermech Houston?

As Hydratrons Houston partner, all product supplied by Enermech is designed exactly in accordance with Hydratrons core product features and performance capabilities in mind. This way we ensure that the liquid pump and gas booster performance is optimised.

Performance Assurance

All systems are designed and built by Enermechs Hydratron engineers to Factory specifications with the highest levels of safety and quality in mind.

Technical Support

This is provided directly by Enermech using Hydratron technicians, we offer the best advice when it comes to OEM product selection and we are not restricted by inventory.



As a general investment there is no better way to ensure that you are using up to date OEM maintained product without the burdens of inventory, maintenance and any technical uncertainties that may lead to downtime. The flexibility of hiring allows you to dial-in your costs as required and return the product during quiet periods, knowing that we can provide on-demand availability.
Cost to the user -  There is no middleman, the product is supplied directly from Enermech Houston at highly competitive rates for Daily, Weekly and Monthly rates.

We are also keen to provide long-term rental arrangements, including convenient service programmes, product safety assessments or service replacements as required.

Enermechs Hydratron OEM systems are highly regarded , reliable and easy to operate with performance, safety, ergonomics and portability in mind so you can be assured you are using the best equipment, properly maintained and with the Factory warranty in place.  



Continuous use of any mechanical product requires regular servicing to ensure its performance and longevity. Returning the equipment to the OEM after each period of hire, allows Enermech to service the product using the same facilities and technicians that built the equipment in the first place, using only our own OEM spares. Our post-hire inspection, service and test approach is exactly the same as that applied during original build, allowing our technician to effectively monitor the condition of the unit over time. It also means that we can apply any technical advances and update the units to the latest specification as necessary.


Enermech Houston maintains a large OEM inventory of Test & Chemical Units for hire, pressures from 3,600psi to 45,800psi are available with flow rates to match your demands using our AZ-1H, AZ-2H, DA & DHDA based products.

Pressure Technologies


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