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To meet the requirements of the UK's Offshore Oil Industry, Hydratron have developed a range of high pressure Hydraulic Flushing Rigs. Pictured are:
(a) A combined Hydraulic Flushing/Hydrostatic Test Unit capable of flushing to NAS Class 6 at pressures of upto 200 Bar and flowrates of upto 31 Ltr/min. The same unit offered hydrostatic test pressures of upto 1000 Bar.
(b) An Umbilical Hose Flushing and Pressure Test Unit designed to flush and test umbilical hoses to NAS Class 6. This unit was installed onboard the pipeline laying vessel along with flowline test equipment also supplied by Hydratron.
(c) A Mobile Hydraulic Flushing Rig capable of flushing with subsea fluids at pressures up to 207 Bar with flows of up to 56 Ltr/min. This rig features fully ATEX compliant electrics with DNV 2.7-1 certified lifting lugs and sling.